Helping you make an Informed Decision

The tyre label will focus on three key areas of performance. It is worth noting that premium tyre manufacturers focus on up to 50 individual areas of performance when manufacturing a tyre, and so the label should be used in conjunction with other relevant available information.

(or rolling resistance) – Graded A to G. A = Most efficient and G = Least efficient. (D not used)




WET GRIP – (Safety) (or braking performance on a wet road) – Graded A to G
A = shortest braking distance and G = longest braking distance. (D and G not used)


EXTERNAL ROLLING NOISE – (Environmental Impact) measured in decibels (dB)                             – Tyre categorised in 3 classes illustrated by 3 waves. 1 wave = quieter tyre to 3 waves = louder tyre (when comparing identical section widths).